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Who we are?

Instazap is Ireland’s leading Quick Commerce and on demand services platform. Our delivery capacity is fast and ever-growing with thousands of products delivered in minutes. From a complete Quick commerce platform to a fast and reliable delivery service, Instazap is a big supporter of local businesses. We partner up with local brands and take pride in promoting their products on our online platform.

Our focus to date is to offer cutting-edge, satisfactory experiences to our customers, work on a zero-waste campaign, and be a brand that knows how to keep the right balance between resources, employees, and users. We maintain a give-it-all attitude towards our customers, providing the highest quality of service.

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Enjoy your increase in sale

Greater reach for greater sales

We showcase your products to a wide audience expanding your reach and delivering your orders within minutes.

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Create a demand for your brand

We carefully design our marketing campaigns to suit your audience and attract more demand for your business.

Get your customers’ feedback and improve.

The feedback that leads to betterment

Our customer base is known for their highly proactive approach in providing valuable feedback on all our services and goods. Use this to your advantage to improve your product.

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