How InstaZap served Sligo in the time of Covid

During 2019-2020, When we were stranded at home owing to numerous Covid limitations and lockdowns, we resorted to internet shopping as we’d never done before.

Indeed, according to McKinsey research, online grocery purchasing would grow by 55% in the £2 trillion European food sector by 2020.

Prior to the Covid-19 epidemic, most customers prized efficiency and convenience above all else. According to an Oracle analysis, COVID-19’s debut resulted in an 18% rise in consumers trying online grocery shopping around the world, with nearly three-quarters opting for delivery over the pickup.

We, at InstaZap, serve the people of Sligo, Ireland, by providing them with the most convenient and personalized online shopping experience possible, allowing them to overcome the odds.

We’re in the midst of a very unprecedented situation during the pandemic, and COVID19 is having a significant influence on Ireland’s restaurant and takeaway industries. It is unsurprising that the firms that succeed would be those that adapted early and went online, and consumers will seek out the finest service provider.

Though it is vague where the delivery pattern will go post-COVID-19, For businesses in Ireland, particularly in Sligo, we InstaZap, as their delivery partner, are working as hard as we can to work with clients in a difficult situation in order to stay relevant and give outstanding service.

InstaZap achievements during the pandemic:

  • 35% increase in download
  • 300+ new vendors on boards as Insta Partners
  • Free Covid safety kits distribution to all the customers
  • Servers more than 10,000 orders with all the safety standard
  • Helping local economy to grow during the shutdown
  • Empower the people to contribute to the society
  • More employment opportunities to earn and serve