Instazap with its intensive learning and involvement at the Web Summit 2022

Matt Mullenweg said, “Technology is best when it brings together people!” and Web Summit is one great example of it. From executing the power to letting people combine for a greater cause than just using technology, the Web Summit is a step ahead when we talk of technology and the potential it holds to change the world completely.

So, if you were to ask what is the web summit and why attending it is a new sensation around the globe, you have landed at the right place. In our post, we will share with you everything you need to know about the Web Summit and what our business has been doing by joining it this year.

Web Summit- The new tech sensation of 2022

Known to gather more than 70000 participants on one learning platform, the Web Summit 2022 has become the largest in-person gathering in the history of all Web Summits. With participants joining from more than 160 countries, the conference offers a matchless learning and growing experience to investors, tech geeks, digital nomads, students, entrepreneurs, and experts from a diverse range of industries.

Also given the name of the world cup of Tech, the ground-breaking, record-shaking event had over a thousand speakers and business leaders joining in from all across the globe. All those leaders intended to motivate, instigate and originate innovative tech ideas, and foster the preceding tech concepts to make the most of technology and advancement in it.

The four-day event cultivated discussions about what to expect from Alexa, future sports battles, robot companions, women empowerment, business sustainability, attracting investors, climate change, surviving recessions, and everything else about the future and what it beholds for us as a global nation.

Instazap and Web Summit- Participation, Involvement, Meetings and so much more

Ireland, which continued to be the home of the Web Summit till 2016, remained a birthplace for hundreds of tech start-ups. Today, it continues to give rise to new business faces every year. With over 2200 business set-ups that Dublin alone welcomed in 2022, countless tech start-ups can reach global levels if given the right direction, foundation, and connection. This is why the Web Summit had countless sessions and sittings that mainly focused on helping start-ups to survive the recessions and grow in today’s competitive markets and face the fierce race.

Instazap, which set foot in Ireland in 2020 as a business entity, continued to learn, grow, and raise its presence only to become a leading Irish setup. Today, Instazap can be seen making headings like its selection for the 2022 National Start-up Awards in the e-Commerce & Retail start-up, with a bigger vision that its founders and operators carry. Instazap is Ireland’s 1st ever SuperApp and aims to make convenience more convenient by bringing technology, infrastructure, and communities work together for the greater good.

Here is much that Instazap was seen doing at the Web Summit with two major contributors, Amin, Founder, and CEO, and Kamil, who is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Instazap.

Showcasing Instazap at the Start-up Showcase event

  • The beginning of the Web Summit for Instazap was a proud moment already. Amin & Kamil were in full swing presenting Instazap at Stage 2, Pavillon 4, Alpha 6, and Stand A611 hoping to connect with as many students, leaders, visionaries, and tech geeks as they could.
    • While Amin and Kamil met some old friends, they also made quite a few new ones. Meeting old friends Stephen Kerins & Mark Gerrity after many years was unbelievable, but this is where they made a new friend Halvor B. Veiby who became the summit partner and reminded them of movies and stuff that they could go all over again.

    Meeting the Futurists and Visionaries

    The very idea of the Web Summit met its success when Amin and Kamil from Instazap fruitfully met:

    • Digital authorities like Ahmad Hanandeh, Minister of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship of Jordan
      • Astounding Ambassador Mr. Ahmed Naseem Warraich & Malik Umair Khan along with Shamim Rajani founder of CodeGirls, an amazing platform that offers training to women and young girls of Pakistan
        • The delightful Ahmad, head of IT Delivery at Emirates Group
        • Innovative intellectuals like Muhammad Radwan & Hamid Menouar, Ph.D. of Qatar Mobility Innovations Centre
        • And creative thinkers like Aylin Seyidova & Abdulaziz Alqahtani of Snoonu, who have Qatar’s Super App in the making.

        Meeting business leaders and professionals, sharing ideas, and spending quality time with them rewarded Instazap with the opportunity to go above and beyond. Instazap’s solid visualization to create convenience more convenient wasn’t only able to get all the attention, but it also holds the potential to fascinate investors who think identically of creating strong, meaningful communities through tech growth and penetration that affect our lives positively today and tomorrow.

        Accelerating Instazap’s vision to go big and even bigger in the future

        When talking of business growth and success, it is of great importance that you support your business ideas with the right kind of resources, investment, and effort. Keeping the same in mind, Amin and Kamil have been planning greatly to extend Instazap’s services all over Ireland and what better than to find the right inspirations at the Web Summit?

        • Instazap met Ralph Victory, Ambassador of Ireland to the Portuguese Republic, who shared his opinions on the huge potential of Instazap’s vision of a sustainable future with inclusive smart communities, all by making the most of technology.
        • Instazap also shows deep gratitude towards Julien Turpin and Daniela Dobreva-Nielsen for inviting its founders to the CASSINI Matchmaking event for Space Business Pioneers to open up horizons on how space satellites and data can be used to fast-track the realization of Instazap’s dream of smart communities, sooner than anticipated.

        With so much being discussed, huge insights gathered, novel ideas given birth, and meaningful connections made at the Web Summit, Instazap is nothing but content to have been a part of the world’s biggest tech conference. With the year coming to an end, some hopes and dreams, and targets had to be met only to make room for new ones for the coming year. Since technology is taking charge and nobody comprehends it better than us, Instazap aims to deliver more than what was expected this year and wishes to be a bigger sensation when you see us at the Web Summit 2023!