Dublin-The Irish Capital that Welcomed Its First Ever Super App

Dublin, Ireland, a city that experiences an average of 190 wet days annually, is more than just rainy days. Ranked as the 19th top tech city, the place holds tremendous potential when it comes to technology and business, also worth mentioning is its corporate-friendly tax system which has the power to attract new ventures, now and then. History has shown tech companies flocking to Dublin observing the market potential, favorable tax system, great networking, supportive ecosystem, and most importantly, the city’s size that is just right for any start-up.

Dublin-The Tech Hub

A city known for its tech expertise and proficiency; Dublin has always welcomed technology-driven, software-based businesses from all over the world. Also famously known as the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’, Dublin has made Ireland grab the second-best position, when it comes to Digital Expertise, with only the US market taking the lead. From Google, Intel, Meta, eBay, Yahoo, and Amazon, giant tech companies have established their headquarters in the center of Ireland, making Dublin one of the world’s best locations to launch themselves as digital players.

But like every other story, the city’s story of becoming the digital hub is an overnight thing. What once started in 1950, when IBM opened its office in Dublin, got followed by Microsoft, HP, and Dell in the later years. Subsequently, the city and its people embraced technology like no ever has done before, and eventually, the city acquired a status that every country, economy, and government could wish for, the tech hub!

So today, you are one of those living in Dublin, Ireland who have come across words like Super App, trust me, it is nothing new! Let’s learn a little more about Super Apps, what they are for and how did they capture the Irish market?

Why Super Apps?

Technology is the dynamic perspective to live a simpler, smarter, smoother life. From a business perspective to nationwide growth and development, medium of exchange to solution-oriented approach, communication, security, efficiency, inclusiveness, and so much more, technology rightfully claims its significance over the human race. While today, it is the age of websites and applications, technology has found a more novel way to bring about tech transformation and Super Apps is one way to it.

Super Apps, simply put are apps that offer commercial, personal, or professional services in one self-contained ecosystem.

Super App, also known to be the ultimate app solution is also referred to as an app that can do the job of the other ten apps. Hence, to sum it up, a Super App gives its users the supremacy of multiple professional and commercial services, essentially on a single platform.

Super Apps have brought immense ease and convenience to our daily lives. Let us show you some stats that will reveal why Super Apps are warmly welcomed today.

  • On average, an adult web or mobile user opens up nearly 9 apps per day and around 30 apps in a month. No wonder the next app could be yours!
  • Mobile users, on average, spend 5-7 hours on their mobile phones. They could be using your app anytime soon!
  • 60% or more users prefer to use one app for multiple services, enjoying their acquaintance and familiarity with the app. Instead of building many, why don’t you build just an app that is heavy on all others?

Instazap- Ireland’s First ever Super App

Now that we know why Super Apps are taking over the world, there is no wonder why Dublin wouldn’t enjoy having Super App when it is already claimed to be a tech hub. Ireland welcomed its first-ever Super App in 2020. Named Instazap, the Irish-born Super App contains multiple services including food, grocery, and parcel delivery for the users. Apart from this, the app also claims to be a platform for instant buying and selling, becoming an instant dealer. Next up is its feature of offering instant professional services of on-demand, online services, ranging from plumbers to electricians, beauticians to more. All this with easy payment methods is what we call a SUPER App!

Well, if we look up at the venture from a business perspective, the Super App has franchising options for local businesses, local and professional partnership opportunities for market growth and penetration, as well as possibilities to become a successful market supplier.

Now let us highlight what is essentially needed to become a Super App!

Super App; Must-have Features

Although the name suggests that the app is super for some reason, Super App has to earn that name by becoming the ultimate all-in-one solution for its users. From embracing tech advancement to offering advanced quality characteristics and next-level seamlessness, Super Apps essentially require these features to acquire the name SUPER:


Known to be the most important factor of the present-day digital world, it is essential that Super Apps offer inclusivity and work for all customers, equally importantly, all the time. The better the customer experiences, the more your Super App will thrive in today’s competitive market.

Data Privacy

Data protection and respecting the privacy of customers at times mean everything to a customer. Be it observing strict data protection policies or promising data protection through cyber security conducts, letting customers know their data is safe will eventually help Super Apps grow bigger and better.


Today’s user is more concerned about how you do it, rather than what you do. If you are claiming to do better, reveal the ways you are planning to inspire and motivate the lives to come in the future. From environmental responsibility to social awareness, be the voice against waste disposal methods, carbon emissions, global warming, and more.


If Super Apps are created to bring additional convenience and ease to daily life activities, they have got to prove it by literally becoming the next best thing a user can get. From its varied services to payment effortlessness, tech-friendliness to instant fulfillment of needs, what Super Apps deliver answers calls for their efficiency and competence to attract users in the long run.


Seamless use of any Super App is by far, the most result-oriented feature, and an essential one too. Seamless integration of all services on an app contributes to a seamless performance, hence making it easier for the user to fall for your app every single time they use it.