The need for a Super App in Sligo, Ireland

A town where it rains 247 days a year, the people of Sligo, Ireland face immense difficulties when it comes to climate change and weather conditions. From increased risk of flooding to high winds and rain storms, Sligo County Council has been indicating risks associated with weather happenings in the town.

But whatever the weather is like, daily life activities cannot come to a halt, right? People still need food to eat, water to drink, and daily life essentials that they can’t survive without. In such cases, online food and grocery delivery services came as a rescue service and offered people the freedom to stay back at home and enjoy deliveries that reach their doorstep within minutes.

Be it saving excess time and efforts, dropping your store visits, experiencing next-level safety, or living a tech-oriented smarter life, online delivery services surely impacted thousands of lives, positively. Hence, Ireland became one of the most technology-impacted places all around the world. Online delivery services that extend in Sligo, Ireland range from food delivery, grocery delivery, parcel delivery, and so much more. With the increased penetration of delivery services all over Sligo, tech geeks started to wonder what could be next, hence this is where the idea of a Super App came into place, and Instazap was born, soon after.

Now before you ask me questions like what is a Super App, why we need it, and how it is different from any regular app, let’s just not waste another minute and dive into the pool of information regarding Super App.

The origination of Super App

The current times are called a tech revolt and rightly so! Today, an app is present for almost anything and everything that we can think of. It is why there remains no question as to why shouldn’t we have an app that becomes a paramount platform to meet of all our needs in one place. The idea provoked tech geeks to wonder if there could be just one app that outperforms all other apps because that one app has everything a user is looking for.

An extraordinary piece of software or a super app as it is called is having one app that is essentially an all-in-one solution. In a simple sense, the app offers more than just one service at a time, hence making it easier and extra convenient for users to stick to just one place and enjoy several experiences.

Although, the idea of the Super App didn’t get invented in the recent past. People suggest the idea goes back to 2010 when Blackberry’s Founder Mike Lazaridis named it Super App and defined it as a “closed ecosystem of many apps’’. Ten years in the future, people realized the value of creating strong ecosystems to drive positive changes. Hence the idea of building a Super App that can do the jobs of many apps in one, progressed, and very soon, in the year 2022, Ireland welcomed its first ever Super App, called Instazap.

Instazap- Ireland’s first ‘One for all Super App’

In 2020, Ireland greeted its first-ever original Super App, termed Instazap. The project started two years back when the significant value of smartphone users was seen snowballing. As per a recent study, the number of smartphone users in Ireland alone was expected to increase up to 3.8 million by the end of the current year.

Visualizing the potential of the market, with unlimited users, spending 5 hours on their phones daily, how could a tech guru not shape something as niftier as the users were getting? Hence, Instazap laid down its foundations to become the first-ever Super App, and here is why!

What makes Instazap a Super App?

Ireland welcomed Instazap in 2020 with its idea of instant fulfillment of needs through lightning-fast deliveries to meet the ever-growing food and grocery requirements in Sligo, Ireland. It was observed that the people of the town met several difficulties in visiting marts and stores, physically. Many times, due to the weather, traveling to get food and grocery became an issue. It is when Instazap, the new venture in Sligo, assured towns, suburbs, and cities of making safe and fast deliveries to make the lives of Irish people, convenient and manageable beyond their expectations.

Instazap, when fulfilled its promises, met success and became a leading food, and grocery delivery provider all over Sligo. News spread of its business accomplishment and this is when Instazap realized that it can be more than just on-demand, last-mile delivery services. The venture realized that being a tech platform, it carries the tremendous potential to ease customers ‘lives by offering an extended range of services.

Being an on-demand, last-mile delivery service provider, the venture also undertook parcel deliveries, franchising options, local and professional partnerships within Irish markets, becoming a supplier feature, and advanced elements like real-time tracking and easy payment methods to become a platform that is more than just Q-commerce. Hence, falling perfectly into the definition of essentially becoming an all-in-one solution, Instazap proved why it claimed to be a Super App.

It wasn’t until the start of 2022 that news came out, ‘Instazap has acquired Otals’. Otals, another Irish business venture that originally extended smart scheduling and online booking services ranging from household to professional services, decided to join forces with Instazap, making it a superlative platform to meet consumers’ needs more than ever.

Instazap, after acquiring Otals, now offers highly professional and unfailing booking services on its app, along with instant last-mile deliveries, making it a one-for-all Super App that gives its users the freedom to choose from multiple services, while sticking to just one app.