We can break down Q-commerce or quick commerce in simple terms, imagine a scenario where you’re home alone and you’re starving, you go into the kitchen and found that your favorite snack isn’t there! Now you can either go out (which you most likely won’t because you had a tiring day and you’re starving to death!) and get the snack you love or you can order it from your phone which will be delivered to you in just a few minutes.

The only way that it’s possible is through Q-commerce or Quick. Q-commerce is defined as the quickest way to deliver items from the warehouse or the pickup point to the customers, hence the name “Quick Commerce”. Q-Commerce is an innovation in traditional e-commerce, making things faster than ever before. It’s all about streamlining the procedures in order to minimize delivery time. 


The way a quick commerce startup operates is different from traditional e-commerce businesses. Although Q-commerce is an innovation of e-commerce. But its functioning is quite different than that of typical e-commerce. We’ll discuss how exactly the q-commerce cycle works and how Instazap is using it in online delivery services.


Instazap is not all about food delivery services to its customers but also about grocery delivery services. The major business of Instazap is based on Quick Commerce. As Q-Commerce has revolutionized in Ireland, it also evolves the usage of warehouses. Initially, warehouses were usually used by manufacturers and suppliers to store items for longer periods. Products were usually shipped at the warehouse and then delivered to the supplier, who would then supply them to the retailers, and through the retailer, the customer would buy the product. Q-commerce has completely cut that chain with a simple method.

Due to Q-Commerce, instead of piling up several huge warehouses dedicated to different products, Instazap has opened a small warehouse with limited stocks. Functioning is completely automated, as soon as the order is received on the app or through the website, the warehouse is notified, from where the rider picks up the order and delivers it directly to the customer in no time!

Cutting down a long loop of the supply chain has radically shifted the paradigm of online businesses. Inventory is updated more often to keep a strong check on the supply and demand of the products.         


Since the warehouses in Ireland are now smaller and more diverse, the number of items is limited to only those that are in high demand. Most q-commerce start-ups perform thorough research and list only those items that are most common, This way they are able to provide their customers a decent range of items in a very limited time, as well as saving costs on purchasing a massive number of products.


All in all, quick commerce in Ireland is proved to be a quite successful venture, saving a lot of valuable time for customers, and saving huge chunks of investments from investors. The biggest benefit that q-commerce provides to its customer through q-commerce is the cost reduction and increase in the quality of services for its customers. It is now the current status of the Commerce Industry which will be more effective and advanced in upcoming days where the delivery time will be reduced to 10 minutes in the coming 5 years.

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